A "Vision" Taxidermy is located in Mason, Texas. It is in the heart of the hill country of central Texas, and is known for it's year round hunting. We have loads of whitetail as well as exotics and varmit hunting for bobcat, fox, hogs and coyotes.

A "Vision" Taxidermy is a full time, full service taxidermy studio and a member of The National Taxidermy Association, The Texas Taxidermy Association, and the The United Taxidermy Associations. I keep up on the latest methods by going to seminars at these organizations.

As a full service taxidermist I look forward to taking care of your birds, deer, fish and whatever else you may harvest.

Please take a moment and browse the galleries to see my work and view some of the customers with their mounts. I look forward to posting your and your trophy on the site as well. You may also visit some of my links for help in other areas.

My hours are generally 10am-5pm, Monday through Saturday. Things do come up so it is always a good idea to call my cell or studio to let me know you are coming.

Keep the wind in your face,

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